June 4, 2013

install_name_tool reporting malformed object in Mountain Lion


Every-time I try to use install_name_tool on my machine it reports the following

install_name_tool: object: xxxxx.x.x.x.dylib malformed object (unknown load command 4) 

I observed that this error could be generated when building the binary.
Whenever I try to change something using install_name_tool. It produces the same result about malformed object (unknown load command 4)

Currently I have XCode Version 4.6.2 running on Mac OSX 10.8.3

I found the solution for this.

After wasting lots of time trying different things finally I found that install_name_tool is not updated when XCode is updated. You need to install the Command Line Tool from XCode > Preferences.

install_name_tool on Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

This resolved the same error for me.
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